Removing your mole the safe and natural way.

By ewill July 2, 2017 Natural mole removal

Skin Moles are generally fairly harmless and rarely cause any kind of discomfort, unless they are in an inconvenient or unattractive place. Exceptions to this include moles that change color, size, or are sensitive to touch. These can indicate other conditions, and it is advised that you seek medical attention as soon as possible should these occur.

You don’t have to take a visit to the doctor.

However, normal moles that have been around for a few years can be easily removed. Contrary to popular belief, it is generally not necessary to visit a doctor to have moles removed. There are a few home remedies that can be attempted before turning to expensive, painful surgery.

First, it is important to mention that there are a few home remedies out there that should not be attempted. One of these methods is simply cutting the mole off with a knife or scissors. Not only is this extremely painful, but it causes a lot of bleeding, and you are guaranteed a scar using this method. Another includes burning the mole with a lighter or some other hot object. Odds are pretty good that you will just end up with a burned mole that is very sensitive to touch and probably even more obvious. Most home remedies that include violence of any kind should be taken under careful consideration before attempted.

All natural treatments for mole removal.

There are many natural home remedies that are available for purchase over the counter. Most of these are balms that are applied on a regular basis until the moles either disappear or scab over. They are available from just about anywhere from department stores to drug stores, and are generally fairly reasonable in price. If you try to avoid chemicals, be sure to check the ingredients, because one person’s “natural” is not always the same as another’s.

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Many people have reported success mixing ground flaxseed mixed with a bit of pure honey and flaxseed oil. Others have used pineapple juice on their moles. Be careful with this, though, since pineapple juice is highly acidic, and some people’s skin does not do well with continuous exposure to it. Some even use crushed fresh garlic. All of these methods generally come with the suggestion to apply a band-aid to the area after the proposed cure has been applied.

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